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I wonder who’s on your lips tonight. If its just the alcohol or some guy. Because your shirt is pressed to mine. Look at this distance. Just fucking look at it. Do you really think this could be fixed? Absolutely not. As much as I want to sometimes, I can’t. I need to stop letting you in. Even in the smallest ways. I don’t feel strong enough to stay away. I really fucking miss being home. But I know I can’t go back. 

"Be with someone who you don’t have to hide from, in any way. Whether it’s your morning face before you’ve put your make up on, an embarrassing story to tell about something that happened on your way home, or an ambition you’ve had since you were six… make sure you end up with someone who knows all of it and still loves you. A person you can tell your whole life to is a person worth spending a life with."
-(via wastednightss)
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it sure makes the rest of you lonely."
-Charles M. Schulz (via hqlines)
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